Everyone Deserves a Chance @ Love!

Everyone needs love in their life… its an elixir which helps you move on, which helps you in aspiring for goals and achieving them. Family friends anyone… the person who understands you, supports you, lends you a shoulder to cry, a hand to hold in trouble.

I’m a little shy when it comes to conversing with people, not exactly introvert but someone who takes her own time in opening up to people and trusting them.

I got my chance at love and grabbed it with both hands but there are many who never get this chance and are even denied happiness.

I don’t have any LGBT friends but I’ve come across several blogs/articles either written by or in reference to them. Many of them don’t come out of the closet and deny their very existence due to the fear of society and non-acceptance. Many are into abusive relationships, fearful or unsatisfactory marriages, just to avoid society’s radar and deemed imperfect.

It’s really sad that they are discriminated based on their orientation. They are denied acceptance based on who they are and who they choose to love. Even the educated and so called modern society look at them with disgust. Why? Why does the society think that they aren’t worthy of anything beautiful? Why do we think that they aren’t worthy of moving up the success ladder? Why do we think that they aren’t worthy of love? Why aren’t they even considered human?

I have seen/read about several LGBT community members who are eastablished in their respective fields but only they know about the compromises & sacrifices made to reach there. Many had no-one by their side to support or guide when they were humiliated, when they were treated in such in-human ways, when they were alone and needed love.

We are the reason behind their suffering. We are the reason that they don’t feel safe coming out and declaring who they are. We are the reason that they are unable to find love. And only we can change these circumstances.

Change yourself, change your thinking, change the way you look at them. Just change yourself and the world will change itself!


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