Generation Gap! Really??

One day, sitting and minding my own business at Pizza Hut (GIP, Noida), I overheard the conversation of four women, possibly in their late 20s. Probably friends or colleagues, they were discussing about their MILs (Mother-in-Laws). None of them were having a respectable tone and they were pretty loud.

One was concerned about her MIL taking care of her only son, the other was worried about her husband being a Mamas boy, third was talking about her MIL’s inclination towards the sister-in-law. But the one who peeked my interest was the fourth friend.

Apparently her MIL wants her to do all the household chores and doesn’t allow to keep a full time maid. She even asks her to do the chores for which they have hired maid (they have a maid for few of the chores) 🤔. Then why the hell did you hire her in the first place. There were several other things but most shocking was that the MIL doesn’t allow her to go out with her husband, ever. She fidgets, throw tantrums and creates a scene in front of relatives whenever the husband-wife ask to go out.

With all due respect to our elders… Seeking permission to enjoy your life, shop and relieve some of that stacked-up office stress, to spend some quality time with your spouse? It doesn’t seem right to me.

Anyways, that’s just my point of view. I’m not against family outings, I’m just in favor of giving private space to husband-wife. Today it is one of the major issues faced by couples living in joint families and also is one of the hot topics of altercation between them. Even if such issues are discussed in the family, elders take it otherwise and make it a point of disrespect.​

Why does everything boils down to disregard or disrespect for few of the members of our previous generation? We understand that you haven’t gone out with your spouses… those were different days… a different time… that generation was more into “what people will say!” dilemma… but we are more inclined towards understanding each other and respecting their wishes. We are in 21st century… we see everything in a different light. It’s a brave new world, which makes decisions without an iota of doubt and takes full responsibility for their deeds.

As per the reaction of elders, we can only request them not to look at it as a blatant disregard or neglect. It’s just how the youth are today. 

It’s not the generation gap. It’s just that millenial’s understanding of life is different from that of the elders. It’s not easy to impose ideologies on us and life shouldn’t even be like that. 

Our generation requests you to please be happy when your son shares a laugh with his wife, be delighted when they hold hands, just ignore if he unknowingly calls her with those beautiful pet names. Don’t patronize them.. don’t agonize them. Give them time, freedom… and in the end you will be proud of what they have become and to what extent have they taken their relationship.

Just give them space to grow… together as a couple.

4 thoughts on “Generation Gap! Really??

  1. Richa says:

    Wow … As a reader I’ll give you 4 star out of 5 … Not full five for some obvious reasons 😉… Love you and best wishes for next blog … Your readers are waiting for it 😘

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