Dreams & things we do for them…

Dreams have a nasty habit of getting entangled with life and make a mess. Still we dream and try to fulfill them. Dreams help us to set goals and work our ass off to achieve our potential.

We Indians have grown up with certain stories/epics of our culture, which are embedded so deep in our minds and hearts that we don’t even want to think about a different aspect to the whole scenario. 

I am totally into Hindu mythology. Since I was a toddler, stories of how Ram was a maryadaputshottam, how Ravana kidnapped Sita and how Ram destroyed Lanka to free his wife was part of my life. The story of Mahabharata, the evil Kauravas and the mighty Pandavas. The king maker and Ranchor Krishna. These stories always fascinated me and sort of imprinted on me about rights and wrongs. It never occurred to me that may be just may be their was a different perspective to all this.

Since last few years, I have been reading books of Devdutt Patnaik. He writes about Hindu mythology, giving elaborate descriptions for the stories we are reading since childhood. Another author, Anand Neelkantan, sends you diving in a totally different wave and in a new direction.

Currently I am reading Ajaya (Epic of Kaurava Clan) by Mr. Neelkantan. It revolvs around Suyodhana aka Duryodhana and highlights his life on a different canvas. Portraying each character of the story as a normal human being and not gods/goddesses/demons. I have also read Asura (the tale of Ravana and his People) by him and it has surely open my thinking to new horizons.

In all these stories, one thing was common: everyone was doing everything in their power to realize their dream and it all boils down to making your dream come to reality. If any of you think that their is always a grey area and not everything is black and white, you should read these books.


3 thoughts on “Dreams & things we do for them…

  1. Raj Krishna says:

    I would recommend you 2 books:
    1. gods, demons & others by r.k.narayana
    2.blue:tales of reddumone, the 2 faced by m.r.sharan ( this one is a take on ramayana, and Ravana’s spy is a protagonist here )


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