The Essence of Life!

What is the very essence of life? The things that make you happy, simple things that bring smile to your face or materialistic things, which make your life a bit easy, a little bearable?

For me, life is complete when you realize that you have someone who will always be there and will always support you, no matter the consequences, no matter the society name tags, no matter the name-calling. We always have someone like that with us, but it’s complete only with realization. For me, this realization and these people are the essence of my life.

The idea for this blog generated at DLF Mall of India (Noida, UP), through the sculptures by Manav Gupta. One of the sculptures was of a beehive, titled “Nectar of Life”. Looking (more like staring) at the sculpture made me realize that everything has beauty. You should just have an eye to admire it, it’s very essence makes it beautiful. Just like this, you should have an eye to see the beauty in your life and the people in it make your life beautiful. They are the essence of your life.

That day at GIP affected me so much that I started looking for beauty in everything. Even on one of the visits to my hometown (Lucknow), for once I wasn’t engrossed in some novel or blogging. I was looking out the window to the vast horizon, the clear blue sky, to the beautiful clouds and their marvellous patterns, the pure white clouds with a tinge of orange, to the silver linings…

Some of them were creating beautiful fluffy paths, so close that I can touch them if I want to. The others created such spectacular sight like that of an aerial view of Amazonian Rain Forest, only difference being the color Grey and White. Oh! and some ferocious ones disguised themselves as an atomic bomb explosion. Then there was Orange reflection of Sun on rivers, sometimes making it look like a silver thread weaving through the vast blanket of land.

These things (and many more) combine together to form essence of the universe and help in sprouting life. Sum of these parts make a whole picture, but their singularity, their uniqueness and distinctiveness make the universe as beautiful.

Guys, take some time out of your overly occupied schedules and admire everything around you. Its very easy to criticize but try and look for beauty even in the things you find not quite so. It will be easier for you to find your essence and understand what makes you beautiful.


3 thoughts on “The Essence of Life!

  1. Geetika says:

    Awesome Pratima… Very Well Written.. Beauty is in the eye of beholder.. We can make our life simpler and be Happy if we start appreciating every small thing in Life and be Positive at all times…


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